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Built originally in 1930 by Margret Slusher for her husband.  It was called Silas' cabin. He died in 1956 and the Margret left the house with dishes still in the sink.  It was later bought and again the owners abandonded the house.  Mark Friendship purchased the house in 2005 and resotred back to its orignal state exaclty as it was in 1930.  The house was in complete disrepair.  After and year of painstaking dedication the house was comleted in 2006.  The end result was an incredible example of Spanish Architecture.  The building was home to a number of custom one of a kind Taylor Tilery murals.  An number of experts were brought in to insure the resortaion of the murals as well as the many other unique features the house contained to their original glory.


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